Deliverable n Deliverable Name Dissemination Level Deliverable Date (months)
WPO Management
D0.1 Quality Management Plan PU 4
D0.2 Contractual periodic management reports and Cost Statements RE 12.24
WP1 Definition of network requirements
D1.1 Requirements specification and analysis PU 6
WP2 Network and Service Architecture
D2.1 Network and service architecture PU 9
D2.2 Techno economic model PU 15
D2.3 Migration and introduction scenarios PU 15
WP3 Network Node Simulation and Data plane protection
D3.1 Simulation and prototyping goals, requirements, and models. PU 9
D3.2 Simulation package PU 18
WP4 Network Control Plane Prototype Development
D4.1 Report of the requirements, implementation architecture and functionality PU 11
D4.2 Identity and privacy report PU 13
D4.3 Report on the implementation details PU 18
WP5 Integration
D5.1 Network node model document PU 16
WP6 Proof of concept and Field-Testing
D6.1 Showcase report PU 24
WP7 Dissemination and exploitation of results
D7.1 Public website PU 2
D7.2 Use and dissemination of foreground plan PU 6
D7.3 Exploitation activities plan PU 6
D7.4 Final plan for the use and dissemination of foreground PU 24
D7.5 Dissemination and exploitation activities report PU 24
D7.6 Final report RE 24