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Thesis describing the extension of RGW with an Application Layer Gateway for TLS, HTTP, HTTPS traversal is available under "theses". The ALG makes use of the automatically generated Lexer-Parser for packets created using the YaLe lever-parser generator (also available in GitHub/Aalto5G helping to reach nice performance results.

Running code and proof of concept implementation of Realm Gateway, Customer Edge Switching, (Communications) Security Policy Management, and two implementations of SYNPROXY are available in GitHub/Aalto5G

Thesis on automated policy creation (by Fofana Ibrahima) is available under "theses".

Thesis on Security Policy Management By Hassaan Mohsin is available under "theses".

Apr 8th, 2013: Master thesis on CETP protocol published under "theses".

Jan 16, 2013: Two new master theses published in "Theses"

March 21st-2012: New version of CETP in "Protocols"